Our Services

Managing people in any business – small or large – can be complex.

Effective HR management involves advice, guidance, tools, policies, support, training and many other factors. With so much employment law, staying informed can be a real headache.

That’s why GrantaHR’s services cover every aspect of HR practice and legislation, from managing individuals and teams to far-reaching issues that impact the whole company.

Our HR service areas cover:

Strategy and change
If you have a business plan you will be thinking about the how your people fit into it. We can help you develop your strategic HR plan aligned to your business needs, and implement the changes and steps to achieve it, whether you are thinking about growth, contraction or business as usual. Read more about our HR strategy services »
Employee engagement and performance management
Keeping employees engaged and motivated through the culture and practices you adopt can be the single most important aspect of people management. Being clear about expectations and knowing when and how to manage under-performance is an equally important part of a manager’s toolkit. Read more about our employee engagement and performance management services »
Policy and practice
Influenced by legislation and good practice, tailored HR policies, practice and procedures provide the framework within which your staff work. We can assist with every aspect of policy documentation, from your Employee handbook to template letters, forms and employment contracts. Read more about our HR policy and practice services »
Recruitment and onboarding
Getting it right from the start is so important. We can help you find the right person for the job, and then follow it up by drafting contract terms and letters, designing induction programmes and managing probationary periods. Read more about our recruitment and onboarding services »
Reward and benefits
Many people feel they are defined by what they earn, and the benefits they receive, so it’s key to have a cost effective and competitive reward strategy in place with benefits that work for both the business and its staff.  Read more about our pay and benefit services »
Increasingly organisations are realising the competitive advantage of having a highly engaged workforce, yet often struggle to create high levels of employee engagement.  Research by Gallup in 2016 revealed that UK employees are less engaged now than they were 5 years ago despite increasing investment in this area. Read more about motivate2engage »