If your employee engagement programmes aren’t hitting the spot, try a different approach


high-res cropped 700 x 191Uniquely blending an understanding of personal motivation with organisational engagement feedback, our innovative new approach enables employers to better understand their people in order to raise organisational performance and create employee satisfaction in the workplace.

motivate2engage are tackling the shortfall in the success of many employee engagement programmes by launching a new service which hits the spot when it comes to employers being able to understand and respond to the needs of their people.

Emma Pitt and Jacqueline Mitchell, who together have formed the motivate2engage brand, bring together a wealth of complimentary experience and expertise covering employee engagement, leadership, organisational change and change management.

Emma said “we have come to realise that if employee engagement is about harnessing people’s willingness to go the extra mile for their employer, then we have to ensure they can go the first mile in the first place; this is where motivation comes in.  It’s the missing piece when it comes to raising engagement levels, yet surprisingly it’s often overlooked.”

Jacqueline explained the concept.  “We are both licensed practitioners of motivational maps®.  We use the insights from this unique tool to tell us what matters foremost for employees; understanding that every individual, team and organisation is different.  We blend what this tells us with the more traditional organisation led employee surveys to inform or add to the more rounded engagement picture, enabling employers to identify more accurately where they can focus their change efforts, ensuring they don’t overlook the first steps in trying to create the environment for going that extra mile.  With the maps providing individual feedback too, this enables every employee who takes part, and every manager involved, to have individual ownership for what happens next.”

Businesses are increasingly investing in trying to raise employee engagement levels, acknowledging the significant and positive impact this can have on business success; but according to Gallup’s World Poll conducted in 2016 only 8% of UK employees are actively engaged at work, while 19% are actively disengaged.  This is only one poll, albeit a very respected one but the picture it and other polls illustrate is disappointing.  The traditional route of using an engagement survey to try to fill out the picture of what is happening at work and how people feel certainly still has its place, but with engagement levels so low despite efforts to make changes, it is putting the use of these surveys alone under the spotlight; asking for instance: are we asking the right questions; is the data reliable; does it enable leaders to adequately understand the people they employ; does the feedback process help increase and improve communication within teams; and does it enable employers to identify and tailor strategies that focus on really making a difference?

Emma said “I can illustrate the conundrum perfectly. Years ago, whilst fulfilling my first career as a registered nurse, I was nursing in a hospital setting and was working alongside a physiotherapist named Anne. Through conversation we discussed how disengaged she was. In her own words she said – “something just seems missing in my job” – Knowing the organisation was investing in an employee engagement programme at that time, I asked her if the organisational engagement activities were giving her any encouragement. I will never forget her response – “Unfortunately not; the activities they are implementing don’t really motivate me. I wish people would understand that we don’t all want promotion and/or recognition. I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels like this” – now, through what we offer as motivate2engage we have a suite of tools that mean we can identify what really motivates people like Anne and help employers use this vital information to hit the engagement spot just right.”

If you are a manager, in HR or a business leader, and want to find out a bit more about our approach, please contact Jacqueline or Emma via info4motivate2engage@gmail.com .  We’ll be happy to talk to you about what we’re doing with no obligation assumed, and can go from there.